Energy Practicum Schedule and Readings

For students enrolled in the Energy Practicum, the following information and readings are now available.

1) Syllabus
2) Annualized Geo-Solar Heating
3) Passive Annual Heat Storage Links
4) Hydroenergy Links
5) Biodiesel and Oilseed Production
6) Camelina
7) Canola
8) Flax
9) Safflower
10) Soybeans
11) Sunflower
12) Biomass Project
13) Biomax Power System
14) Bergey Tower Installation
15) Wind Turbine Maintenance Procedure

There may be other readings posted later, so please check back regularly. Also, be advised that further readings may be handed out at the Practicum.

Energy Workshop Registration

The Energy Technology program will host two workshops. A Safety Training for Energy Practitioners will be held July 28. And a Bioenergy Workshop will be held on August 4. To register, please click here.

Orientation July 10, 2008

The COT will host an orientation Thursday, July 10, 2008. Contact New Student Services at 406-243-7882 for more information. Hope to see you there!