Mobile solar electric installation facility arrives at the University of Montana

We are thrilled that Energy Technology industry partner OnSite Energy has completed and delivered a brand-new custom-made mobile solar electric training facility.

Bradley Layton of Missoula College, and Conor Darby of OnSite Energy show off the training facility at the recently held Earth Day celebration held by MUD, the Missoula Urban Demonstration project.

This training lab features three state-of-the wiring configurations to ensure that trainees have the skills to tackle new installations and maintain conventional systems.

Bradley Layton, Conor Darby and Timothy Chester deploy the trailer behind Main Hall during the Earth Week celebrations. It was great seeing the Provost and the President both taking a keen interest in the University's hands-on approach to its commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2020!

This laboratory was made possible in part of a three-year $730k National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education grant for which Associate Professor Layton is serving as Principle Investigator. NorthWestern Energy also provided financial support for the trailer's construction.

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