PV under the Big Sky

Energy Technology Alum, Mark Hansen '13 and current student, "Jay" Moore recently had the opportunity to assist Orion Thornton on several PV installations. Here's a shot Jay took of Mark sporting his Griz cap as he aligns a panel near Georgetown Lake.

2013 Wind Farm Visit

During the 2013 Energy Technology Practicum, we had the opportunity to suit up and spend a day with Energy Technology alumnus, Robert Potts '12.

It was a great day for making wind energy, and we all gained new-found respect for these modern-day Don Quixotes! Thanks to Professor Bowe for the great photo!

Energy Technology Practicum Videos Now Available

The 2013 Energy Technology Summer Practicum was another resounding success this year. Students completed three projects which included building a mobile wind turbine, a solar forge, and an e-waste recovery strategy.

Jesse, Tim and Kadin pose with their 1 kW mobile wind turbine. Major innovations include the ability to erect the tower by hand, charge their battery bank, and produce 110 V AC with an integrated charger/inverter.

Grant poses with the solar forge. Major innovations included the ability to adjust the intensity of the solar energy, and to make metallic casts.

Nick shows the before and after of a few CPUs. Major achievements included the recovery of over $1000 worth of precious metals and the diversion of all computer parts from the landfill stream.