Energy Tech Student Receives NASA Scholarship

Shauna Muns received a $5,500 scholarship from NASA to build a sensor and control unit for a rocket stove. Muns said she heard about the scholarship through an email sent by the program director. “Who doesn’t want a scholarship from NASA?” Muns said. “The more research I did, the more interested I was.” A rocket stove is an efficient and hot-burning portable stove that uses small wood fuel pellets. Muns is testing the efficiency of the stove using different fuels, while also measuring emissions. Energy technology teaching assistant Tim Chester is working closely with Muns on the project. He said since there has not been a lot of research on the stoves before, they are excited to get factual information out there.Muns will present her project at the Montana Space Grant Consortium Student Research Symposium in April. Muns and Chester are working on building different versions of the stove to test efficiency and gather data for pictures and videos. But the project doesn’t end there.

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NASA Scholarship 
Demonstration of sensor input using the Raspberry Pi

The Rocket Mass Strove Diagram

Shauna with Jen Fowler from the Montana Space Grant Consortium

2016 HOSA Symposia

UM faculty members Kari McLean, Michelle Boller, Dave Montain, and Tom Gallagher provided  presentations to high school students at the Montana Health Occupations Student Association State Symposia on March 22. McLean and Montain discussed the various areas of IT supporting clinicians in healthcare facilities and described opportunities for careers associated with these positions. Kari is nursing informatician, implementation specialist with Cerner, and UM faculty member. Dave is a pharmacist informatician at Billings Clinic, and UM faculty member.

Boller provided an interactive Electronic Health Record activity to students, while Gallagher demonstrated the use of sensors and mobiles devices as technological tools for improving healthcare. Michelle Boller is an assistant professor from Business Technology and directs the Medical IT program of study. Tom Gallagher is a professor and directs the Information Technology program of study.

UM has one-year and two-year programs of study in Computer Support, Network Administration & Security, Medical Coding, Medical Administrative Assisting, and Medical Reception at Missoula College. A professional certificate in Healthcare IT is available for clinicians and IT support professionals. UM and Montana Tech partner in offering the baccalaureate degree in Health Care Informatics through a 2 + 2 program of study.

Informatics Pharmacist Dave Montain discusses the Health IT infrastructure at Billing Clinic

ACET Professor Tom Gallagher discusses smartphones, mobile apps, and sensors for patient nutrition