CompTIA A+ Certified Computer Support Professionals

Congratulations to the twenty-three (23) Missoula College IT Students that successfully completed the CompTIA A+ Computer Support Professional certification exam during the 2015 Academic Year. A+ certification demonstrates an individual's competence in the skills and knowledge necessary in providing excellent IT Support. Additionally three students completed CompTIA Network+, while one student completed Security+.

The Applied Computing and Engineering Technology Department at Missoula College is a Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) Authorized Academy.

From the CompTIA Website:
A+ is comprehensive and vendor-neutral
A+ certified professionals have mastered the technologies found in today’s extensive and varied IT environments, from mobile to traditional devices and operating systems. They can confidently handle the most challenging technology problems more efficiently.
A+ validates foundational skills
A+ establishes best practices in troubleshooting, networking and security across a variety of devices to set the stage for IT careers. The certification also matches professional tech skills with communication skills.
A+ is trusted by employers
As businesses and governments worldwide continue to adopt mobile and cloud technology, they trust A+ certified professionals to keep their devices running and organizations working smoothly.
A+ is globally recognized and accredited
A+ carries ISO/ANSI accreditation status. You can trust that the rigorous development process of the A+ certification objectives and exams follows international standards of quality assurance.
A+ is industry supported
A+ is developed and maintained by leading IT experts. Content for the exams stems from a combination of industry-wide survey feedback and contributions from our team of subject matter experts. Learn more about the people behind the CompTIA A+ exam development and the CompTIA A+ Advisory Committee.

First Annual STEMfest 2015 Videos Available

The first annual STEMfest 2015 videos of Montana researchers and educators reaching out to Montana high school students are now available to view here

Missoula College Energy Technology Program Looks to MIT for Leadership on Climate Change Policy

Missoula College Energy Technology Program looks to MIT for leadership on climate change policy. Associate Professor Bradley Layton, who directs Missoula College’s Energy Technology Program is always seeking ways to enable colleagues to see the “big picture” on climate change. Now with help from his alma mater, he has a new avenue for pursuing this goal.

MIT is launching a multifaceted five-year plan aimed at fighting climate change, representing a new phase in the Institute’s commitment to an issue that, the plan says, “demands society’s urgent attention.”

Career Opportunities - Broadcast Engineers

Montana PBS Director and General Manager Eric Hyyppa recently joined students on campus to discuss career opportunities in the radio and television broadcast industry. Eric discussed the operations at Montana PBS and the changes taking place in this industry. Most notably, the broadcast industry has experienced a technology renaissance spurred by an increased reliance on information technology. Montana PBS now has the largest storage network in the State. The Montana Broadcasters Association continues to struggle with filling technical positions in radio and television. Qualifications for these positions include IP networking, IT, and communications electronics.

Montana High Tech Business Alliance

Christina Henderson from the Montana High Tech Business Alliance recently provided students a presentation on career opportunities with Alliance member businesses. In her presentation, Christina praised  IT students in their choice of majors. She reiterated the importance of IT as a "marketable degree" for high demand, high paying careers.

Presentation: Consumer Direct CIO Jeff Harriott

Jeff Harriott from Consumer Direct Information was recently on campus to present to a group of Information Technology students. Jeff is a technology guru with a wealth of experience at Microsoft. He currently serves as Chief Information Officer at Consumer Direct Management Solutions. Consumer Direct, Missoula-grown, nationally-recognized leader in home- and community-based physical and mental health care services, provides back office program development and support to service providers embracing client-centered planning, direction and control of services.