More course name and numbering changes

Many of the courses offered by the Department of Applied Computing and Electronics took on new names and/or numbers this fall semester as a result of a common course numbering initiative.  The initiative is designed to allow students to more easily transfer courses from one Montana University System school to another.

We have been alerted to another wave of changes that will affect the Spring 2014 courses.  The new changes are as follows:

Electronics Technology

  • EET 105 is now ETEC 105 DC Circuit Analysis
  • EET 106 is now ETEC 106 AC Circuit Analysis
  • EET 113 is now ETEC 113 Circuits Lab
  • EET 205 is now ETEC 250 Solid State Electronics I
  • EET 206 is now ETEC 251 Solid State Electronics II
  • EET 227 is now ETEC 245 Digital Electronics
  • EET 234 is now ETEC 234 Automatic Controls
  • EET 237 is now ELCT 237 Intro to Prog Logic Controller
  • EET 240 is now ETEC 240 Robotics
  • EET 241 is now ETEC 241 Instrumentation
  • EET 242 is now ETEC 242 Electronics Lab II
  • EET 260 is now ETEC 260 Data Communications
  • EET 270 is now ETEC 270 Wireless Communications
  • EET 280 is now ETEC 299 Electronics Capstone


Energy Technology

  • NRG 213 is now ETEC 213 Power Systems
  • NRG 214 is now ETEC 214 Energy Storage & Distribution

When you are searching for courses, the ETEC  rubric can be found under Electronics Technology.  The ELCT rubric can be found under Electrical Technology.  Complete changes for the academic year can be found at

As always, please consult your advisor if you have any questions about your specific courses or graduation requirements.