Energy Technology Student Shauna Muns Recieves NASA Scholarship

Energy Technology Student Shauna Muns (left) was recently awarded a $5,500 scholarship from NASA to bring a scientific approach to rocket stove design and operation. With the assistance of NASA and help from Jen Fowler (right), Shauna will work with Associate Professor Bradley Layton and Tim Chester Energy Technology `13 to build a sensor and control system for a next generation rocket stove.

As a civilization, humans consume new biomass at a rate approximately one-quarter at which it is replaced and ancient biomass at a rate ten million times faster than it was created (Schramski et al 2015)

The so-called "rocket stove" is an innovated approach to burn woody biomass efficiently and cleanly, but with its high temperatures, may create unwanted greenhouse gasses such as NOx.  This research is already underway and will be tested during the 2016 Energy Technology Practicum in Missoula and Browning.

President Obama Calls on Country to Deliver CS Education to All Students

President Obama said he wants to see a stronger commitment to computer science in American schools, and he's laid out a new initiative to make that a reality. The "Computer Science for All" program will seek Congressional funding to add CS at all levels of K-12, the use of resources at federal agencies such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) to expand CS training for teachers and public and private support for promoting CS education.

Further details on President Obama's comments are available at the Campus Technology Website.