Cybersecurity First Responder Training

LMG Security will be offering First Responder Training in Missoula on March 8.

Cybersecurity first responders need to react quickly to identify data breaches and minimize potential losses. Make sure evidence is properly preserved in those first critical minutes after detection. This intensive 1-day seminar will teach you the fundamentals of incident response and digital forensic acquisition, including incident planning, detection, and communications; chain-of-custody and evidence preservation fundamentals; volatile memory acquisition, hard drive imaging, and network-based evidence acquisition.

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Cyber First Responders 1-Day Class (Missoula, MT)

Cybersecurity Trends and Opportunities

Experts continue to predict the need for more cybersecurity expertise in the workforce. Inc. Magazine's Joseph Steinberg has published a cybersecurity almanac analyzing trends, damages, expenses and jobs related to cybersecurity and based on data obtained by research firm, Cybersecurity Ventures. Inc. The almanac is found Inc. is a magazine aimed at small businesses and startup companies.