Cisco Honors Professor Jakes

The Cisco Networking Academy recently announced Professor Penny Jakes as an Expert Level instructor. This award recognizes her achievements as one of the top 10 percent of instructors globally. The announcement applauded her participation in professional development opportunities, attention to student needs, student performance, and use of Cisco resources to improve student achievement.

2014 John Ruffatto Award goes to Layton

Assistant Professor Layton (bottom left), who directs the Sustainable Energy Technology Program is pictured here with other faculty, staff, and community members who were honored during the 2014 Charter Day Celebration. He is the first Missoula College faculty member to win the John Ruffatto Award.

During his acceptance delivery, Layton thanked over thirty local and regional companies who made this award possible. University of Montana Royce Engstrom (seated) led the ceremony. The award was delivered by School of Business Administration Dean Larry Gianchetta.

Montana Cyber Triathlon Slated for May 3

The First Annual Montana Cyber Triathlon competition is slated for May 3. The Montana Cyber Triathlon is a single-day competition consisting of a digital forensics puzzle, a data analytics puzzle, and a penetration testing puzzle. The goal of the competition is to find a “coin” hidden somewhere on the University of Montana campus. The answers to each of the three parts of the Cyber Triathlon will lead students to the Cyber Coin. The first team to solve all three parts of the Cyber Triathlon and find the Cyber Coin, wins.

Can you solve a mystery? Would you like a forensic investigative challenge? Can you find clues in emails, instant messages, and encrypted files? Do you like prizes? Come join the fun.

For more information: University of Montana Missoula, MT