Mandatory PETSA Training

Did you know that students who have not completed the PETSA training will not be allowed to register for spring semester classes? Almost 2,000 Missoula College students still need to complete the training. 

The PETSA training is for ALL students at ALL campuses of the University of Montana (including distance learners).

You can direct any questions to

Time to Think About Spring Semester!

It’s hard to believe, but registration for Spring 2013 is right around the corner! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Registration for Spring 2013 begins October 22nd
  • To register on time, set up your advising appointment now
  • ACE Department Students (CAD, Computer Support, IT, Electronics Tech, & Energy Tech) should contact Beth Shirilla to set up an appointment with their advisor
  • Bring the following to your appointment:
  1. Your unofficial transcript
  2. Your program checklist
  3. Program flow chart or any other advising materials you may have from previous semesters
To contact Beth to set up an appointment, stop by Griz House 8E (the office immediately opposite the front door), call 243-7916 or email

2012 Tech Fair

Programs from Missoula College's Applied Computing & Electronics Department were highlighted at The University of Montana Tech Fair. Some of the student projects on display included the Human-Powered Vehicle; winning CAD Technical Drawings from Bike Rack, Recycling Center, & Building Footprint contests; and the Sustainable Computing Research Project (Physical Sciences undergraduate award winning poster).

The Tech Fair showcases campus technologies and support services vital to the success of UM students faculty and staff. Thanks goes out to Professors Layton, Varsa, Shen, and Gallagher; graduate Andrew Machain; Administrative Associate Beth Shirilla; and Energy Technology student Zac Rambo and Nathan Ferro for staffing the event.

Pictured below: Department Chairman Tom Gallagher and Energy Technology Graduate Andrew Machain (left) and the Battery Doctor's portable solar power station prototype (right)

Additional credential for 2-year IT program students

IT students - Did you know that in the process of completing your 2-year degree, you also complete the credits required for a Computer Support Certificate? All you have to do to claim this certificate is submit a graduation application once those courses are complete. Since you only have to pay the graduation fee once for any degree you get at UM, you’re getting an extra credential to add to your resume and make you more employable for FREE! Ask Beth ( or your advisor for more info.

Graduation Application Deadline: October 1

The Registrar’s Office has decided to extend the deadline for December 2012 graduation applications until October 1, 2012. October 1 is also posted as the last day the registrar will be accepting May 2013 graduation applications.

Long-time Faculty Member & Friend Steve Rice Passes

Retired Electronics Technology Professor Steve Rice passed away Saturday, September 1, 2012 due to complications from cancer. Professor Rice served as a faculty member at The University of Montana College of Technology for nearly 27 years. He was a tremendous teacher known for his "hands-on" approach in instructing students. As Director of the Electronics Technology Program, he mentored many individuals in the design and construction of electronic circuits. He supported career technical education as a means for individuals to gain jobs. Thanks to the tutelage of Professor Rice, his students were always well-qualified in their trade. His teaching practices reinforced a "student-centered" approach to education. He was always an advocate for the student.

In addition to his successful teaching career, Professor Rice excelled in research. He was a member of the innovative and highly-publicized UM research team which taught bees to detect land mines. Professor Rice was credited as the chief architect for the "Electronic Beehive", a key component in the success of the project. The team was able to transfer the technology from its UM research into the highly successfully private company Bee Alert Technologies. 

Steve was a dear friend and colleague.