Associate Professor Penny Jakes Opens New Lecture Series

Associate Professor Penny Jakes presented a lecture titled "Where's my BMW?" about her experience in South Africa. Penny was one of about 50 women who attended a Women in Higher Education conference held last October in South Africa. She recounted what she had learned in a new Brown Bag Lecture Series established by the Applied Arts and Sciences Department. Penny was the first presenter of this semester's series, which seeks to "provide an interdisciplinary forum that allows College of Technology faculty and staff to share experiences and exchange ideas that can be applied to our teaching or lives in the arts and sciences."

Former Mill Worker Finds Niche in Energy Technology

After 30 years at Stimson Lumber, Jim Roach returned to college to complete a degree in Energy Technology. Following graduation, Jim has successfully transitioned into a new career with Missoula Sustainable Building Systems. Read the complete story from the February 11th Missoulian Article