National Cyber League Competition

IT students studying the emphasis of Network Administration & Security competed in the April cybersecurity competition hosted by the National Cyber League  Eight students from the course: ITS 271 Securing Desktop and Mobile Devices competed in the competition. Students benefit from cybersecurity competitions as many feel they are closer to workplace experience over that of formal education by stressing application over theory.

Congratulations to these cyber patriots at Missoula College!

Work-based Learning through Internships

Student studying Information Technology (IT) have the benefit of leveraging the knowledge, skills, and abilities developed in the classroom into work-based learning experiences through internships. During Spring Semester 2018, nine students experienced internships in a variety of IT job roles. A BIG thanks go to Alter Enterprises, Missoula County Public Schools, HIKER Research Group, UM-Central IT, Missoula Urban Indian Health Center, and University Bookstore for providing work-based internship experiences for Missoula College Students.

Programming & App Development Student Final Projects

Information Technology students graduating with the Programming & App Development emphasis completed capstone projects in fulfilling program requirements.

In the course CSCI 221 Systems Design and Analysis, the Agile software development model was used as a framework for teams of student developers in designing an Android App. Software developer and ACET faculty member Daniel Lande led this group of students through the development and design process as a final project for the course.

Students from the course CSCI 113 C++ programming used breadboards, sensors, and the GPIO interface of the Raspberry PI in designing and developing a hardware-based project. These student groups developed a software library which reads temperature and electrical sensors and provide output through LED lighting. The software library used a C or C++ driver program which called upon a C++ class or C structure.

A web-based User Interface (UI) was developed using server-side scripting and php or client-side scripting and javascript. These UIs called upon C/C++ programs compiled as scripts and executed through the CGI-BIN folder of the Raspberry PIs Apache2 web server. Professor Tom Gallagher guided these groups of student software developers.

Screenshot examples of the UI for these projects are illustrated below:


Missoula College Offers Revised Cybersecurity Certificate

The curriculum for the Cybersecurity Professional Certificate has recently undergone some significant revisions. These revisions are based upon the core knowledge units developed by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The Certificate consists of six domain areas: (1) programming; (2) basic data analysis; (3) policy, legal, ethics and compliance; (4) networking and IT systems components; (5) system administration; and (6) fundamental security design principles, cyber threats, cyber defense, and cryptography.

The credential is responsive to industry and societal needs for more have citizens with skills and knowledge in cybersecurity. The coursework arms individuals to recognize and respond to cybersecurity threats. The 18 credit program is aimed at attracting individuals in all industries and across curricular domains at UM.  

Courses leading to the credentials are offered at both Missoula College and the College of Business.