Solar Potential for Missoula Schools

Solar Potential for Missoula Schools

U.S. DOE and Solar Foundation have a new report that shows that schools provide a great opportunity for rooftop solar. The report includes an interactive map that shows which schools in each state have solar and those that are the best candidates for solar. Pretty cool. 

(It looks like the system that Eric Scott installed at Hellgate High has not yet been reported)

Hydrogen Fueling Station Heading to Storage

NRGY 242 Solar Thermal and Wind Systems students Jesse Cooney, Adam Coppock, Dustin Armstad, Ryan Carson and Joe Bauer (in truck) deconstruct the hydrogen fueling station. Not pictured: Kevin Bissett, Cory Monroe, Ernest Orr, Will Stahlman and Timothy Chester.

The University of Montana's hydrogen fueling station, which was constructed and commissioned from 2006 - 2010 has served as a flagship for the Energy Technology Program. The brainchild of former Missoula College Dean R Paul Williamson, the hydrogen fueling station is currently being refurbished as part of the new Missoula College building in Hellgate Canyon. Overall goals include: giving Sustainable Energy Technology students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with renewable energy technologies, work towards a carbon-free energy future, and to provide hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles such as those being developed by Toyota and Honda. In the past, the fueling station has been used to provide hydrogen for technologies as diverse as the ZEUS mining vehicle and a lighter than air wind turbine. Another potential use is to provide lift for NASA's Borealis Project.